Does Howard have email? My name is Sam Wright. Served with Div LRRPs in
67.The name of the guy that Howard refers to is Robert Lee Johnson. He has
a picture of "Sajoni" His Name is Jean Sejourne, He was from Haiti. We had
one other guy that died while Howard was probably there. Charles
Kennedy,died from anaphylactic shock, a sweat bee. KC Hart was the Plt Sgt.
SSG Floyd was a team ldr, already on his 2d or 3d tour. I ran into him in
Korea in 76. He was SGM of the NCO Academy. Sejourne did the only one man
patrol that I know of. He was only on the ground about 30 minutes and
bagged a VC. Nobody believed him. So he brought the body out. The crew
cheif was pissed. They dropped him off at the Oasis. There was also a
couple of special teams, I think they were called Hunter/Killer Teams.
Robert A Breitinger was a team member. Johnson was killed near New Plei
Jerang. We did not always have good support. We couldn't get out with
Johnson because the Div Air assets were in a Flyover for Gen Peers Change
of Command. We had to rely on an OH23 from Omega at Plei Jerang. To His
credit Maj White was in Saigon briefing Gen Westmoreland when Johnson was
killed. We had been compromised within 15 minutes of insertion. Serjourne
was the team leader. They did one of those fake exfiltrations on the same
LZ. and He was killed about 9am the next morning. I had heard that Sejourne
was killed on a later tour? I know this is kind of jumbeled up, but, I'm
writing it as I think of it.

Sam Wright