1bde1.jpg (27308 bytes)James Bruce McLaughlin "Jelly Belly"



1bde2.jpg (24342 bytes)Sgt. Allen Kidd--Oct. 68-Nov.69 picture in An Khe



1bde3.jpg (22253 bytes)Gary Shellenbarger An Khe 1969


1bde4.jpg (57277 bytes)Terry Jones and Dennis Hulet take two yards out on patrol Dak To 12/68


1bde5.jpg (22293 bytes)Frank Hise and Terry Jones Dak To 11/68



1bde6.jpg (34584 bytes)Dak To 12/68 little girl giving jeep load of armed LRRPs the bird



1bde7.jpg (26539 bytes)Sgt. Valentino Ramirez --was shot through the hand the night before, while hanging from an extraction ladder it didn`t stop him from the party the next day 11/68 Dak To


1bde8.jpg (30343 bytes)Flanagan and Glen Aoki Pleiku 11/68




1bde9.jpg (20482 bytes)Donald [ Baby Huey ] Kincade July 69--July 70



1bde10.jpg (19955 bytes)Sgt. Michael Hunter



1bde11.jpg (21690 bytes)Our Bar in An Khe



1bde12.jpg (21135 bytes)1st. Sgt. Porter



1bde13.jpg (21627 bytes)John Pike from San Carlos Arizona Full Blooded Apache good LRRP and good friend


1bde14.jpg (37845 bytes)Rats team--top left, Emmett Mulroney top right Matty Gentelella bottom Delmer Long they spent the night in this Bomb crater




1bde15.jpg (36109 bytes)Frank Humes and James Zwiebel Black Hawk 1969



1bde16.jpg (16998 bytes)Frank [ Buck ] Mason 1969-70 wounded in Mang Yang Pass




1bde17.jpg (16532 bytes)This picture was taken at Firebase McNearny, near Firebase Blackhawk in Mar, 1969. 1st Bde. Lrrps. Left to right is: Sab-py ( Kit Carson Scout); Allen Kidd; Larry Flanagan.


1bde18.jpg (38364 bytes)This picture was taken on 22 Feb, 1969. Left to right: Emmett Mulroney; Wallate Thibodeau ( was KIA on a later mission on July 19, 1969); Mathrew Gentilella. 1st Bde. Lrrps.


1bde19.jpg (37845 bytes)This picture was taken while on a mission to find two missing American Soldiers. We were sitting in a bomb crater. Top left is, Emmett Mulroney, next Mathrew Gentilella, and front Delmer Long. 1st Bde. Lrrps. Taken in May of 1969



1bde20.jpg (18827 bytes)The following attachment was taken just prior to going on a mission in VC valley, in which our team had two enemy VC Kills. Our mission began on Jan 27, 1969 and ended on Jan 31, 1969. The enemy kills were, one on Jan28 and the other on Jan 30. The members are, left to right; Norvert Yano, George Pender, Wallate Thibodeau, Randy McBride, and Emmett Mulroney

1bde21.jpg (253798 bytes)9/30/68 Lt miller, rowe, ramerze, lawrence,grassman,tong,whalen, neil, light


1bde22.jpg (241360 bytes)pete jolian, tibidiv, joe cosmono



1bde23.jpg (244204 bytes)9/30/68 mort mcbain, roy leising, Lt miller, dave wahlen,poncho (cook)


1bde24.jpg (238444 bytes)9/30/68 sitting: rowe, greek, grassman, wahlen,lawrence,ranerze, garza, aoki, pace. Standing: Andradi, Lt Miller, Mort McBain


1bde25.jpg (159723 bytes)mike goll, roy leising, bob andrade


1bde26.jpg (143825 bytes)10/1/68 pete julian, roy leising, dave wahlen, holloman


1bde27.jpg (22981 bytes)Teamleader Jim Zwiebel heading to the pad to go out for another mission




1bde28.jpg (57998 bytes)Bill Manderfeld, with a friend he made in the Mang Yang Pass


Bob2_BA.jpg (4457 bytes)Bob Thomas on a mission in July 1969. 1st Bde. LRRPs Hawkeye 1 Alpha





TEAMLD~1.jpg (39228 bytes)This was taken at Dakto in early 1968.
L. to R. Hyder, Walker, Alford,? ,Crane, Red.
SSG Jerry Alford-team leader-I am looking for Philip Navarro and Jerry Bickett, who were the other members of my team. I would enjoy hearing from all LRRPS, and especially the ones who were there with me. I can be reached at

alkidd1.jpg (127591 bytes)taken in An Khe in1969. The one is Larry Flanagan, Michael Hunter, Al Kidd, and Jo Jo Castillio. The other picture is Dennis Price and Al Kidd. Keep up the good work, take care and keep your head down!! 1st of the 4th LRRP's.       Al Kidd