patch01.jpg (242363 bytes)Found this patch while going through an old picture box.  If I remember
correctly it identifies K-75 lineage to "Merrill's Marauders.

Mike Smith

krait.jpg (63469 bytes)I hope to get a better copy of this "LRRP TEAM KRAIT"




dmnam_snd (2).jpg (17237 bytes)                          




K Company Rangers recently arrived RE.jpg (70521 bytes)This group of happy revelers are at the 1970 Bob Hope Christmas Show up at Camp Eagle. They are all former K Company Rangers, recently come up to join L Company after K Company closed shop.
Tom Sweetnam (Hobbit)
                     L Co Ranger RVN 70/71

last mission.jpg (64709 bytes)click to enlarge

Greetings. I served with L Co Rangers in 70 & 71. The photo above was
taken on my last mission, in the Roung Roung Valley. I'm the tall guy
smiling. The Ranger to my left, in the field jacket, holding the thumper,
was with K Co before it disbanded in (late 70?). Anyway, a bunch of K Co
Rangers came up and gave L Co a hand after that. This Ranger was one of
them. I'm trying to ID him. This was the only mission we pulled together.
I'd sure appreciate any help. Tom Sweetnam saveamutt@trailnet.com

John Puzzo RANGER K 75  Inf Airborne 1970.jpg (78359 bytes) John Puzzo R-4, K/75 1970

Articles and Poetry by John Puzzo


The Sentinel At the Gates

Vietnam Commentary


Dear Buck,
   My name is David Doss and my father, Luther or "Jim" Doss served in
   the K/75 rangers from October 1969 to April 30th 1970 when he was
   killed in action. I am trying to find out all the information I can
   about him. I would like very much to find some of the men who
   served with him in Vietnam. I was only 2 when he was killed so I
   have no memories of him. I recently became a father myself and the
   birth of my daughter has caused me to want to learn more about my
   father and specifically about his time in Vietnam. I have several
   photo albums with pictures over there and I would be happy to share
   the pictures I have. Any information you can give me would be
   greatly appreciated. My email is david.doss@bdk.com and my phone
   numbers are 410-716-3780 (Work) and 410-360-9732 (Home).
   Thanks for Your Help!

rvnDosstm.jpg (33563 bytes)Guys, I'm in touch with Jim Doss's Son, who would like to know anything we might know about his life and subsequent death in RVN. It is odd to be "talking" to the Son of a good man some of us knew, but I don't remember much about him - spoke to him a few times, but never close friends with him.  I remember him as a squared-away family man and a good team leader who died in a rough mission late in his tour. He had lost all but himself in an earlier mission and I remember his anguish over that incident - one of the times I talked to him at length, doing probably no good (who could?). If you recall anything, please let me know and I'll fill in the Son, or if you'd like to talk to him I'll sure give you the direct connect.  I've attached a pic of his first team - he's laying on the ground, looking innocent as we all did.  If I'm not mistaken, all but Doss died in the mission following this photo - Doss died later.  His ATL is above him and to the right, name was Lyne or Lynne? (Mike) - I knew him a bit too, but not well.
Hope all is well with the Giants-who-roamed-the-Earth.  All are vertical and eating regularly around here.
SSGT Luther James Doss Jr. K/75 04-30-1970 - believe he was the only one KIA on that mission, but don't know for sure).
Hope we can help his Son - newly a Father himself and knows the legacy he carries