Individual Portrait Photographs.
We have assembled portraits of over 100 LRRP veterans. They are displayed ten portraits to a page. To proceed to page 1 of the album, click over Portrait Album below.

Group/Snapshot Photographs.
We have assembled over 120 photographs taken by our veterans. Most are group photographs. They are displayed on a "thumbnail" pages so you may scroll through them easily. If you click over the thumbnail image, you will see a larger version of that image.

Our Special Friends
Over a dozen photos of support personnel, visitors, Montagnard LRRPS and pets. Send your photos and we'll include them here.

Roy Dixon Album
These 16 photos from 1967-68 are provided by Roy Dixon.

Nick (Posdniakoff) Banks Album
These 36 photos from 1968 are provided by Nick (Posdniakoff) Banks.

Jim Trimble Album
These 27 photos from 1967-68 are provided by Jim Trimble. Jim maintains them on a separate webserver (

Tom Garnett Album
These 30 photos from 1967-68 are provided by Tom Garnett. Captain Garnett was the unit commander during that time.

The Early Years
These 19 photos from the first six months are provided by Mike Lapolla. They are in two formats: (1) a PDF file that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader installed within your browser (either Explorer or Netscape). It offers the best resolution for viewing and ... (2) HTML/GIF files created by Powerpoint. No additional software is required.

Our Wall Photographs.
There have been 45 of our veterans (from all divisional LRRP units and K/75 Rangers) were killed in action. Their photos, if available, ... and biosketches are at Our Wall.

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