IVY LEAF May 1968

Red Squad Talks Way Into A Jam
THE OASIS - A group of Viet Cong soldiers talked their way into a jam recently just as members of a Long Range Patrol from the 4th Division's 2nd Brigade were getting ready to go back to their camp. "We really didn't expect to find too much. The area was thick with bushes, but sparse on trails and signs of enemy activity," said Specialist 4 Keith Naccarato of Priest River, Idaho.

Then, just after a lunch break, Specialist 4 Nick Posdniakoff of Syracuse, N.Y., the team's pointman heard several voices. SP4 Naccarato and SP4 Posdniakoff moved up for a better look and spotted two VC taking a smoke break alongside a small waterpoint. Signaling his team to try and take them alive, SP4 Naccarato came out of a jungle of vines and approached two enemy soldiers from the rear. "Before I could get close to them, they spotted me and his started to run. One picked up his weapon and that is when I cut loose." The enemy soldier was slain instantly.