IVY LEAF March 1968

Fierce Gunfire Shuffle Fells NVA Woodsmen
VUNG DAT AM - As the morning grew warmer, members of Long Range Patrol (LRP) for the 2nd Brigade moved cautiously toward the stream to replenish their water supply. "As we neared the stream we saw a North Vietnamese Army soldier break through the tree line. He was moving as if he was looking for something," explained Sergeant Gary Robinson of Rodgers City, Mich., the LRP team leader. "We followed him and after a while found a trail. Following the trail for about 150 meters we heard some chopping and saw another NVA."

From that point the LRP team moved upon the unsuspecting enemy. The team members crept to within 15 meters of the NVA woodsman where they observed another enemy soldier. The brief, but fierce, volley of gunfire killed both of the NVA. Moving away from the scene of the contact, the team observed another enemy soldier fleeing across a rice paddy. "As soon as we saw him, he dropped behind a bush," recalled Specialist 4 Rick Clyburn of Paramount, Calif., adding "but we all opened fire and I don't think the bush afforded too much protection."