IVY LEAF June 1968

Ivy LRRPs Bag 2 VC
CAMP ENARI - "You might say it was the same thing happening all over again," grinned Sergeant Leonard Valeen of San Bernardino, Calif., with the Ivy's 2nd Brigade Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) section, after his team had just detained a Viet Cong soldier walking down a trail. Several days earlier, SGT ValeenŐs team had trapped a hard core Viet Cong in exactly the same spot, almost at the same time.

"This time we were moving to set up our ambush," recalled Private First Class Nick Posdniakoff of Syracuse, N.Y., one of the patrol, "when I spotted this figure duck behind a tree." As the team cautiously moved in on the suspect, the man pretended to chop wood. A quick but thorough search of the area revealed a bagful of carbine rounds which the detainee had just hidden. The detainee was held for further questioning, later revealing himself as a local VC supply man. The suspect then volunteered to lead the LRRPs to the spot where he stored his weapons. The next day a slightly beefed-up LRRP team followed the VC to a cave where he disclosed his cache.