October 29, 1967
IVY Leaf

LRRP Member Gets Award For Valor
VUNG DAT AM Š Infantrymen are modest about their hazardous job. Sergeant Henry Cox (Ripley, Tenn.) is no exception. SGT Cox, a team leader with the 1st Brigade's Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon, was recently awarded the Bronze Star for Valor while assigned to the 9th Infantry Division near Saigon.

"It wasn't much," SGT Cox said. "Our cavalry troop was mine sweeping a road that was used heavily by track vehicles. I was on the lead vehicle watching the ground and saw an area that hadn't been covered, so I halted the column." Jumping off the vehicle, SGT Cox kneeled down and began probing the suspected area. "After a few deep probes I located a 500 pound mine," he said. "An armored personnel carrier would have run right over it if it wasnÕt spotted." SGT Cox was credited with saving the APC and all the personnel in the action.

"Heck, it was just something you'd naturally do," SGT Cox remarked. "I am proud of the Bronze Star though." SGT Cox has been working with the 1st Brigade LRRPÕs since he joined the 4th Infantry Division several months ago.