LRRP Veterans Attending Dan Harmon Memorial
Woody Island Tribal Council Retreat, June 6, 2003
Left to Right: Mike Lapolla, Tulsa, OK; Jim Umberger, Pulaski, TN; Bob Crawford, West Fargo, ND; and Ron Coon, Cook, MN. Photo taken June 4, 2003 at the Best Western Inn, Kodiak Alaska.

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Best Western INN
Kodiak, AK

Ron Coon
Cook, MN

Bob Crawford
West Fargo, ND

Jim Umberger
Pulaski, VA

Mike Lapolla, Tulsa, OK
Lee and Margaret

Ron Coon and
Maurice Harmon

Mike Lapolla, Ron Coon
and Maurice Harmon

At Memorial Ceremony
with Danny McKinnon