Daniel Lee Harmon
Killed in action in Vietnam, June 2, 1967.
Remembered today on Woody Island, June 6, 2003.
This is the text of the program distributed at the ceremony.

This memorial was arranged and attended by the Woody Island Tribal Council community, including Danny's brothers Mitch Gregoroff, Maurice Harmon, James Harmon and Paul Harmon; his sisters Rayna Whetham and Leanna Castillo; his nieces Kymberlie Gray, Leanna McKinnon and Lisa Monroe [and Margaret Roberts]; his nephew Ben Monroe; and his grand-nephew Daniel McKinnon. Also in attendance were Danny's LRRP comrades: Ron Coon, Bob Crawford, Mike Lapolla and Jim Umberger; and other Woody Island Tribal Council members who attended the 2003 Retreat and Reunion on Woody Island, June 4-8, 2003

Anonymous Tribute
"This man had so much character! He was a good looking, dark haired young man who showed great humility and concern for his fellow soldier."

"Danny had a spirit of love, a gift, if you will, towards his fellow man. He was able to make you feel at ease and you wanted to listen to the lessons he was passing along, not as a braggart, but to help. His reputation then, as it is today for all who knew him, is one of great reverence."

He used to carry a big knife and always had it with him. We had a tree in our area, and he always had a crowd around him to learn how to throw it. In our little makeshift club, Danny would sit and continually throw the knife sticking it into the floor."

"I say it every time; they only die when we forget to remind ourselves and others."

"He is dearly loved and missed even to this day" - A Fellow Vet

Chaplain's Tribute
Lord we who knew Danny are so thankful you allow us to be graced by his being among us. Danny stands out to us and to the world as a symbol of the price of freedom. Your word says, 'No greater love has a man than to give his life for a friend.' Danny did just that! He forsook self-preservation for others to live. Having saved Ron Coon, he moved to save his team leader [Ron Bonert] who was seriously wounded. In his attempt to do so he was mortally wounded. Danny acted out of love, a love that required no contemplation, just action. Surely it never crossed his mind at the moment that he would come to be known as a 'hero.'

"We thank you for men and women like our brother, Danny, who thought it not too much to give his life for another to live. Lord, this day give comfort to those loved ones who have been all these years without him. Help them to know he is at rest with you and 'warriors' of like kind. May we never forget our freedoms were bought by the blood of others. Lord, regardless of our belief, help us as we remember Danny and the many like him, to consider the following words of wisdom: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and remember to love your neighbor as yourself. True acceptance and application of this wisdom by all peoples of the world, is to see war and all other atrocities against humanity end! May or hearts be charged to honor the sacrifices of such men and women as Danny, with a continuous and sincere effort to promote peace on earth and good will towards man. Amen"

Bob Smyers, Chaplain
75th Ranger Regiment Association
Vietnam: 1967-68; Team Leader and Platoon Sergeant
Second Brigade LRRP, Fourth Infantry Division