Letter to Sis
Letter from Dan Harmon to sister Leanna [Harmon] Castillo, October 21, 1966
Letter was read by Ron Coon at the Memorial Ceremony, June 6, 2003

Hello Sis,

Well how are things going your way? Fine I hope. Well I have six months, 15 days left in Vietnam unless I'm extended or something. We're supposed to leave on a 60 kilometer road-clearing operation tomorrow. That should be fun. There's not very much I can say Sis. There's nothing that happens over here that's very interesting to the layman because he could not fully understand the situation if you see what I mean. Some of the situations are hard to understand.

Oh, thank you for the package though I haven't received it yet. It takes a little while to get here I guess. Could you write to Barbara and see if she has been getting my allotments. I know they're in Mom's name OK. I sure would like to know.. Because that's the only thing I'll have when I get out of this god forsaken land. And that still isn't worth it. That isn't nearly enough for the lives of American GI's who take their chances over here. At least the Vietnamese are profiting by it - they're getting richer than hell.

Though I'll admit I feel sorry for many of these people especially the young ones, they're the ones that have to suffer. And yet some of these kids can kill you if you are careless enough. Oh well, I guess I'll sign off for now, OK?

Your loving brother


PS: I'll try and get your present whenever I get a chance to get into town, OK? Dan

[Note: This letter was written two months before Dan volunteered for duty with the LRRP, 2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division.]