Woody Island
Tribal Council Retreat
June 4-8, 2003

Memorial Service
Dan Harmon/Fred Simeonoff
June 6, 2003

The Harmon Family, the Woody Island Tribal Council sponsored a retreat and commemorative ceremony for Dan Harmon during June 4-8, 2003. The event was held on Woody Island, just off the coast of Kodiak Island, AK. Kodiak Island is the second largest island in the United States; is at the beginning of the Aleutian Chain; and is SW of the Kenai Peninsula.

When Dan Harmon enlisted in the Army, the population of Woody Island was 20. He enlisted with his cousin Fred Simeonoff. Both died in Vietnam. They were the only Vietnam War casualties from the Kodiak Island region. Dan is buried on Kodiak Island and Fred's ashes were scattered in the same area.

Both Dan and Fred were honored at an Eastern [Russian] Orthodox ceremony on Friday, June 6, 2003. The ceremony was attend by all members attending the annual tribal retreat including Dan's brothers and sisters and their families.

Dan died of his wounds on June 2, 1967; his mission teammate Ron Bonert died 12 days later.

Four LRRP veterans attended the retreat as guests of the family and the Tribal Council. The local newspaper (Kodiak Mirror) published four articles about the events. They may be read at the links below:




  1. Fellow Veterans Honor Dan Harmon
  2. Heroes Remembered in Ceremony
  3. Internet Gather's Harmon's Family, Friends
  4. Growing Up On Woody Island (To be published)


  1. Letter to Sis
  2. Memorial Program
  3. The Eagles and Raven

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  1. The Harmon Family
  2. The Memorial Service
  3. Vets Attending the Retreat
  4. Woody Island and Tribal Retreat

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